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Strong password for better protection

To get a better protection for your account (online/offline) you'll need a strong password. Here are some tips in building a strong password:

1. Use words/sentence that are hard for people to guess, but easy for you to remember, make sure it's long enough so that people can't brute-force it
Example: iloveblogging

2. Include uppercase and numbers, make it complex, but make sure you can remember it
Example: 1loveBlogginG

3. If possible, use at least one special character ~!@#$%^&*()<>?
Example: 1(love)BlogginG!

4. Check the password strength using Microsoft's Password Checker

And a strong password isn't enough:

1. Never log in to your account on an unsecure network.
2. If you need to log in to your account using another person's computer, be sure to use one of these software to avoid keyloggers.
3. Don't write down your password, that's too risky. If you find it hard to memorize password, just write a hint so that you can remember it.
4. Using a random password generator isn't recommended, it has several patterns that can be easily brute-forced

 Beware! Brute-force attackers are everywhere!

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