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Free internet vulnerability test

Hackers are crawling on the network, trying to steal informations from you. How to make sure your system is safe enough? Like a house, you have to check each door, check whether they're safely locked. Network has doors too, they're called ports. Click here to make sure your ports are securely closed from intruders. Open the website, scroll down, then click the ShieldsUP! link, and click 'Proceed'. After that, just click 'Common Ports' on ShieldsUP! services list. You'll find whether there's an unlocked door on your computer, if you find any security hole then it means that you need to get better firewal or find a way to block the opened port(s).

Four steps to make a computer free from virus and malwares

Here I will explain the way to prevent virus and malware from entering your computer:

1. Anti-virus, yep that's the most important part of your computer, no computer can stay safe without that. There are a lot of good and free anti-virus out there, you can search it or just click here to download my recommended anti-virus. Only installing anti-virus isn't enough, you have to update it everyday (some anti-virus automatically updates every hour). Don't forget to always set the realtime protection on (it will slow down your computer a bit, but without realtime protection the anti-virus is useless).

2. Anti-spyware, also important to prevent your computer being 'infiltrated' by uninvited guests. So what's the difference with anti-virus? Anti-virus kills virus that will try to destroy your system, while ant-spyware prevents spies from stealing informations on your computer. Anti-spyware can be very effective to protect you when you're browsing harmful websites because those websites probably send you things that you won't like (keylogger is a good example). There's only a little number of good quality spyware killers, so I'll recommend one for you, click here and don't forget to update it at least once a week.

3. Firewall, virus will try to download its "friends" when active, prevent it by firewall. Firewall can also block network attacks and cancel harmful downloads. Windows firewall isn't enough, you need stronger firewall, you can find a very strong one here. Firewalls usually updated only a few times a month. Each time it gives you warning about connection attempts, check the process name, if you think that it's suspicious, then deny the access.

4. Startup manager, this the part that underestimated by many people. This one is your last defense against virus and malware. If the virus or malware can't be stopped by anti-virus, anti-spyware, or firewall then you have to stop it yourself. Every virus and malware will always put themself in windows startup. When you see suspicious file trying to add itself to the list, you can block it using this software, click here to download.

Get a free domain name

Your website sounds like that? Well, now you can get a shorter one for free. Just simply click here and sign up.

As soon as you clicked the link, you'll be forwarded to the sign up page, just enter any desired domain name in the box "Enter your URL here..." (example: and click "next", the domain will be yours if nobody owned it yet (choose "free domain").

Yahoo messenger online indicator

Here is the example:
You can put it under the 'Contact us' on your website, as forum signature, or just put it on your facebook, myspace, or friendster profile if you want get a lot of chatmates. Quite fun and useful. Here are the simple steps:
1. Copy this: <a href="ymsgr:sendIM?YAHOO_ID"><img src="" /></a>
2. Paste it on a text editor (notepad or wordpad)
3. Change YAHOO_ID with your active yahoo ID
4. Put the code anywhere in your website, blog, profile page, or forum signature

The online indicator is customizable! Simply change the number after t=

















Bypass website restriction

Sometimes your school/workplace restricts certain website access. Here is the way to bypass it:
1. Download mpowerplayer here
2. Download opera mini here
3. Run the mpowerplayer, file > open, select the opera mini file
4. Happy browsing


Use proxy! Click here to find some. Each web browser has different ways to configure proxy, you will find it on 'Options' or 'Preferences' then look for 'proxy setting' or 'connection setting', the rest is self-explanatory.

How to run mobile java applications on your PC

Here are the steps:

1. Download mpowerplayer here (update: dead link, download from this mirror instead)

2. Download mobile java applications, you can download free mobile java applications here (update: getjar no longer provides java jar files, you can google other alternatives)

3. Run mpowerplayer (simply double click player.jar), file > open, select your mobile java file (jad/jar)

4. Open and play!