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How to change text color in mirc

Well, it's tiring to use color codes each time you want colored text, so just do this:
1. Alt+r (open script editor)
2. Open 'Aliases' tab
3. Paste this on a new line: /msg /msg $$1 XX,YY $+ $$2-
4. Change the XX,YY into any number (0-15), XX is the text color and YY is the background color. For example if you want blue text on green background, change XX,YY to 12,09
5. Ctrl+s (save), click OK, and try

Note: Doesn't work on new versions of mIRC (higher than 6.3)

How to add chatbox or shoutbox to your website/blog

That's the web that provides free chatbox for your website/blog. Sign up, design your chatbox, and put the code on your website/blog. If you want to place the chatbox on your blogger blog, select 'Customize' then 'Add a Gadget' (you can place it on certain places depend on your blog template) and choose HTML/Javascript. A box will appear, paste the code, then save.

XP's introduction

Welcome to my first blog. If you have any questions, click here. Thanks for your visit, enjoy your stay!