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Blog comparison: Blogger vs Wordpress

Both are the biggest free blog hosting on the net, here are some comparisons between them:

1. Signing up
It's very easy to sign up (except for the 'write the verification letters' part) on Blogger and Wordpress. You'll need an e-mail address, a keyboard to fill the form, and one or two eyes to see the hard-to-read verification letters.

2. Appearance
Now we'll see real differences, both Blogger and Wordpress have some templates for you to choose (but you can always make your own) and both are using WYSIWYG editing. The difference? Well, Blogger's templates have casual appearance, they're cool and colorful. Wordpress has ones that are professional looking, and Wordpress allows fewer costumization compared to Blogger.

3. Ease of use
Both have drag-and-drop user interface, and we love that. Blogger has less menu items, so it's easier for common people, but professionals prefer Wordpress because it offers more features.

4. Statistics
Wordpress has integrated statistics for web page views, Blogger doesn't. Blogger users must use Google Analytics in order to see their blog's statistics, and using Analytics isn't easy.

5. Spam
We hate spam, and Blogger has comment moderation and word verification to prevent unwanted comments. Wordpress use Akismet service for spam protection.

6. Advertisement
Wordpress doesn't allow third-party ad serving services (like adsense and adbrite). Using Blogger you can easily place your ads from third-party ad serving services on your blog, so it's great for profit-oriented blogs.

7. Conclusion
Blogger is great for casual/home bloggers, while Wordpress is suitable for professional bloggers. Both are cool and easy to use, but if you want some revenue from your hobby then you'll use Blogger so that you can add some ads. I suggest you to use both of them to compare them from your point of view and you'll find which one will work best for you.


Andreas Paskhas said...

hmmm, after i read your posted,now i lil bit know the different about blogger and wordpress. maybe i will choose blogger after read it.

Chandra said...

BLOGGER VS wordpress??
it's the same case with google vs yahoo,
or Sony vaio vs MAc vs Acer,

same functions, it just the matter of taste..

Make your choice.. :)

Yohan said...

yea that's true :P

Todd said...

Excellent post Yohan. It is always a good idea to look at competing software. I will go over google analytics later this semester.

Keep it up.

How is your photo essay coming along?

Yohan said...

Thanks :)

I already have 7 pictures and I'm currently looking for other 3 samples of computer. I'll finish it as soon as possible ;)