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Earning money easily on the internet = SCAM!

Many websites offer you a lot of money by doing surveys or clicking advertisements, sounds interesting, but you'll be a victim of scams. They won't give you any money, but they'll use you as their money field instead. Logically, there's no way anyone can give you some dollars by doing simple surveys or clicking strange advertisements, but imagine how much will they earn from their advertisement each time you clicked them. At first they'll offer you some nice dollars for easy surveys or advertisement clicks, but late in the 'game' they'll make it harder for you to earn anything. They'll start to force you to buy something, then they'll make some conditions in order to deliver your money, and at last they'll make excuses to make sure you get nothing for all of your hard works for months. The best way to earn from the internet is through advertisements, there are two ways to do this, put some ads on your website/blog or start your own scam website (not recommended). Hope this helps, stay aware.

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